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Kotobukiya Armored Core Omer Type-Lahire Stasis 1/72 Scale Model Kit


The Armored Core kits, now with over 40 different models now available, require easy snap fit assembly (made simple by included pictorial instructions), and do not need to be painted, although you may choose to customize or detail the weapons as you see fit. All of the kits in the Infinity Series feature interchangeable weapons, bodies, and heads for the ultimate in customization. Piloted by Otsdarva and the pinnacle of Omer Science's technology, the Statis is a fearsome fighting unit on the battlefield of Armored Core For Answer. A powerful Next-type robot and one of the few to utilize aerial combat techniques, this unit is a perfect addition to the Variable Infinity Series. The Stasis is tall and lean, with long thin legs and heavy shoulder armor. In fact, the unit's unique forward-bending legs are equipped with the "LG-Lahire" knee locking system allowing the model to stand up in a wide array of poses without external support. When it's time to attack, the MP-0901 missile system opens up just like in the game. Ready for battle, the Stasis comes with plenty of weaponry and the head, core, legs, arms, and rifles are all new parts. Standing 9 ½" tall, this fearsome unit is comprised of approximately 400 parts extreme poseability.
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