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Kotobukiya ARTFX J Yu Yu Hakusho Demon Fox Yoko Kurama 1/8 Scale Figure Statue


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Kotobukiya continues to expand its line of ARTFXJ statues based on the popular anime series Yuyu Hakusho with Yoko Kurama. This version is Kurama's true form, as the fox spirit, seen prevalently in the Dark Tournament Saga of the series. Accurately replicating the line art, Kotobukiya has expertly crafted Kurama in a battle ready position fitting of the character's cunning personality. His clothes and hair have been sculpted in such a way as to give it a dynamic wind-blown effect, while a color gradient shows off the wishful nature of his hair. As an added bonus, Kurama also comes with an extra arm to change the look of the statue to a more taunting pose. Display alone, or complete the whole cast of Yuyu Hakusho with the rest of the ARTFXJ statues from Kotobukiya. The warrior and swordsman stands in a relaxed martial arts pose, his right arm extended as he focuses his supernatural energies. He wears a black and white fighting outfit complete with boots and wide multi-layered belt, while a white strap wraps around his left hand. Hiei’s demonic heritage is apparent in his red eyes and jet black hair with white fringe, and you can display him with either of two included faces with or without the evil “Jagan” eye. He also comes with alternate arms, one with the black dragon tattoo and the other with the black dragon itself curled around it!
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