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Kotobukiya FG001 Frame Arms Girl Gourai Model Kit


A Kotobukiya Japanese import! Frame Arms Girl is a new expansion of Kotobukiya's Frame Arms series combining the customizability of the Frame Arms plastic model kits with the aesthetics of our AniStatues. The first of the Frame Arms Girls is GOURAI, a heavily armed and armored blonde warrior with tank-like elements! Just as the standard Frame Arms robots are built around a basic robot skeleton, Gourai is a slim young woman who wears a Frame of her own that mounts armor, weapons, and accessories. These include armor plates, tank treads, a turret-mounted shoulder gun, a massive arm-mounted cannon, and lots more. She also comes with multiple face parts allowing you to change her expression! Gourai consists of 200 pieces with tons of customizability, and with universal 3mm attachment points all parts are fully interchangeable between all Frame Arms units and compatible with Koto's M.S.G. (Modeling Support Goods) series of support units as well as the Border Break robots. Gourai stands just under 5 1/2 inches tall and has a wide range of posing options thanks to multiple points of articulation. Watch out for more Frame Arms Girls coming soon from Kotobukiya!
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