Kotobukiya Frame Arms LX-r01J Jagd Falx 1/100 Figure Model Kit

$ 57.95
SKU: 4934054109081
Variant of the Ray Falx. The transparent armor of the whole body is represented by clear parts. Large rifle as a dedicated armament [BS-R/L40] × 2, [Formula 14 Tactical Destroyer Sword] × 2 is new Comes with molding. The blade (red part) is made of clear parts (the image is in metallic paint with the image of clear parts) (It has become). Each part of the BS-R/L40 can be transformed and used as a propulsion unit [Sail Thruster]. Two blade shapes can be selected by rearranging the tip of the Type 14 Tactical Vanishing Knife. The two swords can be used as a double-bladed sword by connecting the grip part of the Type 14 Tactical Armor Destroyer. Combining the BS-R/L40 and the two swords can be used in scissor launcher mode.