Kotobukiya Hexa Gear Alternative Track Down 1/24 Scale Kit

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The Track Down is a small, unmanned, land-based HEXA GEAR developed by the military-industrial complex MSG. This is the fourth in the 'Alternative' series of compact models with a theme of compact size, simple design, and ease of assembly. The assembly process is similar to that of a standard governor, making it easy to assemble even for those new to plastic models. The 3 mm diameter Hexagear-standard joints provided at various places allow you to reassemble the figure using not only the Hexagear series, but also Frame Arms, Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, modeling support goods and other included parts that share the same standard. The system can be converted from a quadrupedal beast type to a tripod twin-armed droid type. The tail can be flexibly moved and the tip can be used to hold weapons.