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Kotobukiya Hexa Gear HG036 Voltrex LA Ver. 1/24 Model Kit


Hexa Gear is a lineup of items from Kotobukiya featuring transformable battle mecha! It features the amazing Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G) hexagonal joint system, with a 3mm support pipe hole. Thus, weapons from Frame Arms and Heavy Weapons units can be used with Hexa Gear mechs! The Hexa Gear can also be ridden by their pilots, known as "Governors," sold separately. The Voltrex LA version was used by the Liberty Alliance, and only 100 of them were said to have been made. The white Vortex LA and its white-armored Parapawn Ignite Governor are said to be independent units reporting directly to SANAT, and the Voltrex is said to have the KARMA artificial intelligence installed. To make this Voltrex easier to combine with the Rayblade Impulse and Motor Punisher, its color was changed to the Liberty Alliance's color (LA); its eye sensors are prepainted, and since it's molded in color no painting is necessary. It can be converted from its fighting form (Z-Attex mode) to running form (vehicle mode). The white Parapawn Ignite Governor is included too
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