Kotobukiya Mecha Supply 16 M.S.G. Customize Beast Head C Model Kit

$ 14.95
SKU: 4934054009404
Kotobukiya hits us with a new Modeling Support Goods item in a mechanized beast style, the Mecha Supply 16 Customized Head C! You can create a custom feral robot head for your kit(s) with this additional head part. The neck comes with two types for hexagear and frame arms, and the joint is compatible with 5mm diameter ball joints and 3mm diameter shafts. Molded in two shades of gray. The head size will be approximately 5.5cm long when completed. [Parts] Core unit A, B Byte unit x2 Sensor unit sets A, B, C, D, E, F Face unit A, B Side unit A, B, C, D Optional unit A (basket base) Optional unit B (long face type) Neck unit for hexagear x2 Frame Arms neck unit