Kotobukiya Mecha Supply M.S.G. Ex Armor Unit 24 G for Girls Mecha Model Kit

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Your female figure model kits can now be warriors, thanks to Kotobukiya's Ex Armor series! The arm and waist armor can move independently for freedom of posing, and will give your model a powerful warrior-like silhouette. It's compatible with models equipped with 3mm holes such as are found on Frame Arms Girl kits; connecting joints mean the armor parts can be extended as far as you like. Two types of suspension arm units -- large and small -- are included, and can be used with Frame Arms Girl, Megami Device, Sousai Shojo Teien, and other types of kits. A spine suspension unit is also included, and will make it possible to use these items with figures that do not have connection pooints on their shoulders and hips. It's molded in M.S.G. gray and gold, so an appearance close to that seen in the photos here is possible right after assembly, and it can also be used with the Ex Armor F for robot kits.