Kotobukiya Modeling Support Goods MSG Heavy Weapon Unit Exenith Wing Model Kit

$ 13.95
SKU: 4934054261468
Your figures and mecha need this! The separate parts of this flight unit can bemused as independent weapons, armor and joint parts, and the weapons can be changed into various larger weapons by combining and recombining them! The disassembled blade wing and mount arm have 3mm ports, so it can be used with various other items using the same size ports. Use it as a large-wing mounted flight unit by attaching it to the back and frame of Frame Arms kits! The basic flight unit form can be separated and used as various weapons, armor and joint parts, such as a one-handed sword, dagger, blaster, shield, sub-arm and so on. Special clear parts are included, and by attaching the clear parts and combining separate weapons, the creation of larger weapons such as massive swords, lances and double blades are possible.