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Little Buddy Official Kirby Adventure Cook Kirby 7" Plush Doll - Galactic Toys & Collectibles

Little Buddy Official Kirby Adventure Cook Kirby 7" Plush Doll

Little Buddy Toys

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Cook is one of Kirby's one-use copy abilities. Like other one-use abilities like Crash and Paint, this ability takes out all enemies on screen; however, unlike Crash and Paint, Cook cannot harm undefeated mid-bosses. Its first appearance is in Kirby Super Star. When used, Kirby dons a chef's hat and summons a pot in which every regular enemy, enemy projectile, defeated mid-boss and star on-screen is pulled in. He then cooks them all and then magically turns them all into delicious food which Kirby can eat for replenishing health. This ability can be obtained by eating the mid-boss Chef Kawasaki after he is defeated. In Kirby & the Amazing Mirror, Kirby doesn't look as overly cheerful when using it for some reason. Here he can obtain the ability from either Cooking' or, on rare occasions, Prank. Cook Kirby's frying pan is also seen in Bomb Rally, a sub-game in Kirby: Nightmare in Dream Land. It serves a similar purpose from the anime. (i.e. knocking projectiles away.) However, this may not be truly considered a use of the ability.
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