Little Buddy Super Mario All Star Collection Cheep Cheep 6" Stuffed Plush

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Type: Little Buddy
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Cheep Cheeps (sometimes spelled Cheep-Cheeps) are fish that made their first appearance in Super Mario Bros. in the underwater levels. They are common recurring enemies throughout the Mario series. They are found mostly in the water but they can jump out of the water as well like in Mario Super Sluggers. There are many different species of Cheep Cheeps. Cheep Cheeps come in different colors, such as yellow and green. The most common ones, however, are red with a white patch on their stomach, a yellow (originally white) tail fin, a Mohawk-like dorsal fin and wing-like fins. They also have blue eyes and pink lips. Officially Licensed by Nintendo Made from high-quality materials. Approx. Size: 5.5"L x 5"W x 5"H