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Little Buddy Toys: Mirror Kirby 8" Plush

Little Buddy Toys: Mirror Kirby 8" Plush

Little Buddy Toys

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Mirror is one of Kirby's Copy abilities. It debuted alongside abilities like Yo-yo and Plasma in Kirby Super Star. With this illusory ability, Kirby is granted the power to create mirror images of himself to confuse enemies and perform multiple attacks at once. This mind boggling ability also gives Kirby a golden scepter which is able to project a glassy, near-invisible blade which can not only be used as a sharp blade to slice enemies, but also as a shield to protect him from enemies too close for comfort and their projectiles. This is very helpful against bosses that attack with projectiles that cannot be blocked (namely Computer Virus). Not only does Kirby get a magic scepter when he inhales the wizardly Simirror, but also a jester cap that looks just like the hat Beam Kirby wears. Strangely, the coloration of this hat is also reminiscent of the hat Marx wears (apart from the fact that Marx's hat colors are switched, this actually makes sense considering the fact that it is a mirror, which would mean flipping the image).
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