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Little Buddy Toys: Ninja Kirby 7" Plush

Little Buddy Toys: Ninja Kirby 7" Plush

Little Buddy Toys

Ninja is a copy ability first seen in Kirby Super Star. It is best known for being one of the fastest abilities, meaning it is able to deal steady damage in a short amount of time. In order to do sufficient damage though, Kirby must execute many attacks at a time. This is because Ninja is predominantly projectile-based. Because these projectiles are weak on their own, Kirby must remain at a safe distance and throw tons of them at the enemy. This is where Ninja Kirby's quick reflexes come in handy. This ability also allows to cling to walls and jump-climb them. In Squeak Squad, Ninja was given more properties based off the stereotypical Ninjas rather than the traditional kind demonstrated in Super Star. These properties entail walking on water and harnessing "jutsu" (simply Japanese for method or trick).
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