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Little Buddy Toys: Super Mario - Koopa Paratroopa 6" Plush - Galactic Toys & Collectibles

Little Buddy Toys: Super Mario - Koopa Paratroopa 6" Plush

Little Buddy Toys

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Koopa Paratroopas debut in Super Mario Bros., when Bowser decides to overrun the Mushroom Kingdom and steal Princess Peach. They lose their wings and turn into normal Koopa Troopas if Mario or Luigi jump on them. They keep their two different attack patterns: Green Paratroopas that fly back and forth, while the Red Paratroopas that can actually fly up and down. They traditionally come in two varieties: Red Koopa Paratroopas usually fly up and down or side to side in a set path, while green Koopa Paratroopas often bounce in the player's general direction. Red Koopa Paratroopas first appear in World 1-3 of Super Mario Bros., while the green ones first appear in World 2-1 of the same game. However, some Paratroopas hover left and right. Their name comes from "paratrooper", a term used in the military to describe soldiers who parachute down to attack.
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