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Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk Deck Building Game

Marvel Legendary: World War Hulk Deck Building Game

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New Expansion Features: Expansion consists of 400 all new playable cards, Color Rule sheet. All New cards consist of 15 new Heroes! 7 new Villain groups! 6 new Masterminds! 3 new Henchman groups! New Schemes! New Bystanders! Introducing new heroes to Legendary: Gladiator Hulk, Joe Fix it, She-Hulk, Sentry, Hulkbuster Iron Man, and more! Fight against powerful Masterminds including Sentry, M.O.D.O.K., the Illuminati, and more! Return of popular card types like Traps, as well as introducing new Transformed cards - play as Bruce Banner, then transform into Savage Hulk! All cards contain original art! Core Set of Marvel Legendary required for play. Not a stand-alone expansion. Legendary: Dark City features 350 all-new cards, including cards for seventeen new Heroes (including X-Force, X-Men, and the Marvel Knights), six new Villain Groups, two new Henchmen Groups, eight new Schemes, and five amped-up new Masterminds more powerful than ever before. Each Hero features four different all-new artworks. A new "Unique Bystander" mechanic gives special rewards to players who rescue them. It is now up to you to survive the Dark City and become Legendary!.
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