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Mattel Kamigami Robots: Jurassic World Indoraptor Robot


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Kamigami, the build-it-yourself robotic kit and Jurassic World have come together to create an innovative breed of dinosaur robots— Kamigami Jurassic World Robots! Featuring two of the most popular dinosaurs from the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie – Blue and Indoraptor, these robots are designed to move like real dinosaurs with life-like "bi-pedal" movements! Kids can construct their robot using light-weight plastic material that "magically" folds up. Code and evolve the dinosaur by completing challenges that unlock more features like dancing or changing eye color! Download the free iOS/Android app to control the Kamigami Jurassic World Robot, compete with friends, play interactive games, or design and program the dinosaur robot's movements. With our interactive dinosaur, kids can make their Kamigami Jurassic World Robotroar at the other dinosaur robot via the app – and it will respond! The app's intuitive drag and drop coding interface lets kids control movement, sounds and lights of their dinosaur, even if they've never coded before! Kamigami Jurassic World Robots are the perfect STEM toy because it makes building your own robot easy, yet rewarding— no engineering degree or tools required.
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