MegaHouse Mobile Suit Gundam G.M.G. Principality of Zeon Standard Infantry Soldier and Char Aznable Set of 3 Figures

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The third set in Gundam Military Generation is here, and this time focuses on an infiltration strategy, with two infantry disguised in normal pilot suits as well as the first main character to join the G.M.G series: Char Aznable! This set includes Zeon Army Standard Infantry Soldier 04 and 05 plus the Char Aznable figure! Each is a complete pre-painted figure that stands approximately 3.93 inches in height (around 1/18th scale) and is fully articulated for all sorts of different poses. All three include a variety of accessories for optimal customization of endless, action packed scenes! Be sure to display them with the other soldiers previously released in the G.M.G. series for even more display opportunities!