Meng Kids: WB-001 Warship Builder Lexington Plastic Model Kit

$ 24.95
by Meng
SKU: 4897038559008
Warship Builder Lexington Cartoon Ship - The Lexington class aircraft carriers, originally designed as battlecruisers, were large aircraft carriers built for the U.S. Navy before World War II. This class included two aircraft carriers: the lead ship USS Lexington CV-2 and her sister ship USS Saratoga CV-3. The USS Lexington CV-2 was used to develop and refine carrier tactics in a series of fleet exercises before World War II. This ship was sunk in the Battle of the Coral Sea in 1942. Kit Info - The aircraft carrier Lexington is the first product of the Warship Builder series plastic models. Thanks to the bold design, the cold war machine in real life has been transformed to a cute warship model, the Warship Builder - Lexington. This model can be built as a waterline or full hull version. Three types of aircraft are provided. The elevator cover is detachable to show the aircraft inside. This model can be built in a quick and enjoyable way thanks to the press fit assembly design, pre coloured parts and adhesive stickers. Length: 160 mm Width: 58 mm Height: 80 mm