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Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator

Minecraft Stop Motion Movie Creator


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​Now you can be a Minecraft moviemaker! With the Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator, you’re the director! With your smart phone or tablet and Minecraft “sets,” turn your Minecraft figures into actors and create adventure stories your way. Filmmaking has never been so easy and fun! Inspired by the online community, this authentic playset comes with props and four mini-figures -- two of which are exclusive to this set -- to make your own Minecraft story come to life. Choose from one of four brand new, iconic backgrounds to set the stage and use the mini-figures and accessories to set up your scene. Download the FREE mobile app and animate in three easy steps. Swap out the background cards, props, and environment pieces for endless storytelling. Use the app to create and edit your movies. Includes one movie stage, four different backgrounds, two exclusive mini-figure Exclusive Spider Jockey (with Enchanted Bow) and Exclusive Alex (with Diamond Pickaxe), two additional mini-figures Zombie and Zombie in Flames, props, and a phone/tablet holder. Colors and decorations may vary. Includes: 6 Collectible tokens: Trunk's Sword, DynoCap, 4-Star Dragon Ball, Dragon Radar, Saiyan Armor, Turtle Shell. Custom game board features characters from the series. Houses renamed Kame Houses and Hotels renamed Hyperbolic Time Chambers. Chance and Community Chest cards are renamed Capsule Corp. and Red Ribbon Army. Custom themed MONOPOLY Money. Instructions.
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