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NFL TeenyMates Series 5 Linemen Mystery Pack


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One NFL Series 5 TeenyMates Mystery Bag. Bag includes two (2) random TeenyMate Figures of Series 5 Linemen figures and two (2) random two-sided puzzle pieces. When put together, one side of the puzzle forms a football field while the other is a picture of all teams with their TeenyMates figure. Odds that for having a random rare figure in the mystery bag are: Steely McBeam (1 in 37 bags), Glow-in-the-Dark figure (1 in 64 bags), Atlanta Falcons Throwback figure (1 in 128 bags), Emerald Ice figure (1 in 171 bags), Philadelphia Eagles Throwback figure (1 in 256 bags) and Metallic Gold Series 5 figure (1 in 512 bags). All odds are approximate.
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