Square Enix Bring Arts Final Fantasy XI Shantotto and Chocobo Action Figure (PRE-ORDER Expected June 2021)

$ 144.95
SKU: 4988601353274
PRE-ORDER: Expected to release in June 2021 From FINAL FANTASY XI, the series’ first MMORPG, we’re pleased to bring you the unrivaled Lady Shantotto and chocobo in a BRING ARTS set! One look and you’ll notice our team has diligently recreated the Tarutaru’s round and cute features. Shantotto includes two face options, one with a neutral expression and another with a smile, an Iridal Staff, and three sets of left and right hand parts as accessories. Though small, her shoulders and arms can be moved in a wide range of motion, allowing you to recreate her infamous maniacal laughter pose. The chocobo comes with reins and regular saddle. This set also includes a saddle made specifically for Shantotto, allowing her to pose in various ways while mounted. A masterpiece whose rich and soft color scheme adds to its charm. Recreate your favorite scenes from the game with this poseable action figure!