(PRE-ORDER Expected October 2021) Megahouse Digimon Adventure Precious G.E.M. Digimon Adventure Wargreymon & Yagami Taichi (repeat) Figure Statue

$ 239.95
SKU: 4535123830358
PRE-ORDER: Expected to release in October 2021 The G.E.M. Digimon series evolved even further with a new series called the Precious G.E.M. Series in 2018, and the first figure in the series is being re-released due to popular demand - the Ultimate Digimon WarGreymon together with his partner, Taichi Kamiya! WarGreymon stands an impressive 250mm in height creating one of the most eye-catching figures ever seen in the G.E.M. series! Taichi has also been carefully detailed to stand by WarGreymon's side, and even features a Digivice in his hand! Enjoy both Digimon and trainer as they battle together in your collection! In addition, MetalGarurumon and Yamato Ishida are also scheduled to be released, so you will be able to display them together to bring out the Digital World even more! Also be sure to display him with the Precious G.E.M. Series: Digimon Adventure - MetalGarurumon and Yamato Ishida!