(PRE-ORDER: June 2023) Kotobukiya St Iris Sousai Gakuen Girls' High School Winter Clothes Ritsuka Saeki Dreaming Style Snow White 1/10 Scale Model Kit

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Pre-Order: Expected to ship June 2023 Ritsuka Saeki from the SOUSAI SHOJO TEIEN series takes the stage in a new DREAMING STYLE with a color scheme full of personality. This model features a white bolero jacket with a deep blue skirt and a red ribbon. The original background card of a rec room allows users to enjoy the model in a variety of situations. *This is a limited edition item and is only available in limited quantities from select retailers. *The background card is a Kotobukiya shop exclusive in Japan. Product Highlights: [Original Rec Room Background Card] A special original background card (B2 size) of a rec room is included, perfect for a shoes-off situation! [New Hairstyle] A new loose bun hairstyle is included. The kit comes with four different hairstyles, including braids, long hair, and Ritsuka's signature long ponytail. The kit also includes four different faces, allowing users to create four sets of heads. [Tights and Knee-High Socks] Leg parts with tights have been added. She can sit cross-legged, of course, and the knee-high socks from her summer clothes are included. *Skirt parts are for both the tights and knee-high socks legs. [Pre-Painted Parts] The gold buttons on her waist, white lines on her skirt, and face parts are pre-painted, allowing users to recreate the character just by assembling the kit. *Additional painting is required to fully recreate the design. [Barefoot Parts] This version includes barefoot parts with her shoes off, perfect for indoor situations. [13 Different Hand Parts] The kit includes a range of hand parts for even more poses. There are six new hand parts in addition to the seven from the summer outfit. Pointing B is perfect for idol poses. [Four Face Parts] Four faces are included. Each gives a gentle, dainty look that are not included in the summer outfit versions. Try combining them with her other versions! [Expression Decals] The kit includes unpainted face parts and decals. There are three patterns for each of the four expressions: Facing forward, facing right, and facing left. Combine them to create unique expressions.