Re-Ment Petite Sample Series 'That day, That time, My room'- Bedroom Set of 8

$ 73.95
SKU: 4521121506302
This set from Re-Ment allows you to recreate a nostalgic boy's elementary school student days in miniature -- heck, your own room might have looked like this at one point in your life! Arrange the furniture and various accessories as you like, or scatter them over your collection shelf -- each item is recreated in perfect detail. Combine the desk and bed to make a "system bed" with the deck tucked beneath the bunk bed to save space! There are eight different items, and you'll receive one of each. Includes: School bag / Sewing box / Game console / Pencil case/ Rocket Plastic model / Bed / Telescope / Scooter Note: These are highly detailed miniature models intended to be used with dioramas; Pieces are small. Keep away from children.