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Relic Runners Board Game

Relic Runners Board Game

Days of Wonder

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N Relic Runners, players take on the role of intrepid explorers, running through the jungle trying to be the first to lay their hands on precious relics hidden in the depths of long-forgotten temples. They follow trails across the jungle board map as they explore stacks of temples and ruins, ultimately hoping to uncover precious relics and earn victory points. Players will need to efficiently manage their resources: building pathways; making sure to carry sufficient Rations; and expand their Explorer's Toolbox to help them explore, resupply, take additional actions and score bonuses. Skillful planning is key as players who develop longer pathways between matching relics will be able to earn more points. Contents: 1 Board Map of the Jungle, 5 Explorer Sets, in 5 colors, each including: An Explorer Miniature, An Explorer Chart, 10 Pathways, 3 Toolboxes, 24 Ruin Tiles & 20 Temple Tile Sets, 20 Sculpted Relics, 25 Ration Packs, 10 Toolbox Tokens and 76 Victory Coins.
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