Risk Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies Board Game

$ 35.95
Type: Board Games
SKU: 700304150899
The legendary zombie demolition crew is back in a classic game of strategic conquest. This custom RISK edition features factions led by "Tank” Dempsey, Edward Richtofen, Takeo Masaki, and Nikolai Belinski as they vie for control over familiar maps. Use Pack-a-Punch cards to gain an advantage against opponents and fend off wave after wave of zombie threats. Experience one of the first Call of Duty table top games that combine the legendary atmosphere of the license with the strategic competition of RISK. Contains: 1 Custom Game Board Over 200 Custom Sculpted Colored Figures 47 Territory Cards 43 Pack-a-Punch Cards 5 Leader Cards 5 Leader Pieces with Stands 1 Zombie Threat Tracker 1 First Player Marker 12 Objectives 12 Mystery Box Rewards 5 Flag Tokens 5 Dice (3 red Attack dice, 2 black Defense dice) 1 Rulebook