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Royal Bobbles Better Call Saul Jimmy McGill Bobblehead

Royal Bobbles

For years, Royal Bobbles has set the industry standard for producing premium and intricately detailed bobbleheads. From exquisite historic figures, political images and iconic TV characters each bobblehead is created with a level of detail and design that is second to none. Their products are found globally and their reputation for high quality, thoughtfully detailed pieces drives them to be a must-have with collectors. They have been featured on TV shows, news outlets and by celebrities worldwide. Now, Royal Bobbles has teamed up with Sony Pictures Television to provide an officially licensed series based on the gripping and dramatic TV series, Better Call Saul - the prequel to the acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad. This show follows attorney Jimmy McGill through his journey in life that brings about the existence of Saul Goodman ("S'All Good, Man"). Its surprising plot twists and each compelling character’s intense moral challenges captures viewers and continues to deliver top-notch entertainment. Each intricately designed bobblehead portrays a very lifelike image of the character. Six years before he meets Walter White as Saul Goodman, he was Jimmy McGill - a hardworking, scrappy and indefatigable attorney struggling to maintain his law practice and make ends meet. He may not have a degree from an Ivy League university, but Jimmy’s quick wit, buoyant optimism and sometimes-flamboyant approach make him a forceful advocate for his often down-market clients. Jimmy’s a highly competent lawyer, but his moral compass and his ambition are at war with each other, compromising his professional future and his romance with fellow attorney Kim Wexler.
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