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Royal Bobbles The Walking Dead Carol Collectible Bobblehead Figure

Royal Bobbles

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Carol Peletier is one of the iconic main characters in The Walking Dead and is played by actor Melissa McBride. Carol has become one of the strongest characters on the show. Introduced as a quiet and passive woman in an abusive marriage, Carol becomes a self-sufficient and fearless fighter, and takes it upon herself to make tough decisions to ensure the survival of her group, proving herself not only a survivor, but a leader. Carol’s bobblehead has been thoughtfully produced to capture the essence of her character and image. From the dichotomy of her famous cookies in the front and dagger behind her back, this bobblehead is a staple in your Walking Dead collection. Standing at a little over 8” tall and made of high quality, heavyweight polyresin, this piece is sure to survive the test of time, just like Carol. Each bobblehead will come in a colorful printed collector’s box with molded Styrofoam inserts for easy and safe storage of your Carol Peletier bobblehead.
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