SDCC 2018 Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V Shin Akuma 1:12 Action Figure

$ 80.70
SKU: 4897072870718
Storm Collectibles is pleased to introduce Akuma as his most powerful form…Shin Akuma! This is the form Akuma takes when he becomes almost one with the Satsui no Hado. This San Diego Comic Con exclusive is newly developed with all new articulation in the lower body and featuring a new design for the upper chest. He can shrug off the gi top of his costume and go shirtless. The figure includes: 3 x Interchanging Head Sculpts 8 x Interchanging Hands 1 x Gohadoken Effect 2 x V-Trigger Effect – Dohatsu Shoten 1 x Stand for Gohadoken 1 x The Prayer Beads *Additional Shin” kanji Gi*