Set Enterprises The Quiddler SHORT Word Dictionary

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Type: Board Game
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By popular demand, the second edition of The Quiddler SHORT Word Dictionary is now available for individual sale. This paperback dictionary is the perfect companion to Quiddler, The SHORT Word Game;. It includes over 10,000 two, three, four, and five letter words. It is organized both alphabetically and by the number of letters per word. This special organization allows players to quickly look up words based on how many cards they have in their hand when playing the game. Use the dictionary to dominate Quiddler's most word bonus. The Quiddler SHORT Word Dictionary is the perfect go-to gift for Quiddler fans! Play Quiddler BUY the book! (Ha-ha! Yes, we think we're punny!) Over 10,000 Short Words. The Quiddler game is sold separately.