Square Enix Bring Arts Kingdom Hearts III Sora (Ver. 2) Figure Statue (PRE-ORDER: March 2021)

$ 82.95
Type: Statues
SKU: 4988601352253
PREORDER: Expected to arrive in March 2021 Sora, the main character from KINGDOM HEARTS III, returns to the BRING ARTS action figure line with new head sculpts! There are three newly sculpted head pieces: a standard expression, a smiling expression, and a version with Sora wearing the AR device that appeared in the world based on the movie “Big Hero 6”. New accessories include the Nano Gear and Starlight keyblade. Also included is the Gummiphone used by Sora to keep in contact his friends. These accessories will help you recreate your favorite scenes from the game’s universe. Figure includes display stand.