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Square Enix Final Fantasy Dirge of Cerberus Vincent Valentine Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Square Enix

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As a result of scientific experimentation forced on him, Vincent Valentine now possesses the powers of a monster. This figure is crafted to highlight his ominous aura. The uniquely shaped cape utilizes a bold contrast of the shadows and changes in coloration. The elaborate design of the figure draws out a presence which overwhelms all who sets eyes upon it. The weapons that come with this figure are Vincent’s beloved triple-barrel pistol, Cerberus, and the rifle, Hydra. Cerberus can also be holstered at his side. Soft materials are used for articulate parts such as his shoulders and chest for a wide range of motion. Ratcheted jointing is also used in his cape and hair, allowing the collector to make use of a variety of poses. Figure includes display stand and interchangeable hand parts. Figure Size: W 10.5" x D 4.96" x H 10.9" tall
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