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Square Enix: Marvel Universe - Captain America Play Arts Kai Action Figure

Play Arts Kai

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From square Enix. Clad in a star-spangled red, white and blue, captain America is the embodiment of patriotism. His iconic costume gets square Enix's distinctive variant touch and is rendered in the form of a protective armor to showcase and elevate his awe-inspiring presence. His signature round shield maintains its classic colors, and can be placed either in his hand or on his back with ease. The joints have a wide range of motion for dynamic posing, including wielding his shield as a projectile weapon, giving you the option of recreating captain America's characteristic moves. The paintwork is very realistic as well, evoking the gritty situations cap had gone through: chipping of the paint from fierce battles, burn marks from explosions, remnants of dirt and grime. These elements and a modern interpretation of the character takes this action figure to another level! figure includes display stand.
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