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Star Wars Metal Earth 3D Metal Model Kit, Slave 1

Star Wars

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Infamous for its association first to the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, Slave I was an antiquated Kuat Systems Engineering ship, from the Firespray Interceptor class. It was modified and packed full of weapons, from laser cannons to projectile launchers and seismic charges. After Jango's death, Slave I was piloted by his son, Boba Fett, who refitted the ship to serve his own bounty hunting purposes. Regardless of who was piloting it, Slave I and its distinctive look was the last thing fugitives within the universe wanted to see on their scanners. The individual pieces are simply popped out of the two metal sheets and assembled without the use of solder or glue by simply bending and/or twisting the connection tabs. It comes complete with a metal display stand to hold up Slave I. Assembled, it is an authentic, museum-quality, laser cut replica of the Slave I ship used in the Star Wars universe.
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