Super Impulse - Boardwalk Arcade - Tiny Electronic Wac-A-Mole

$ 20.19
SKU: 854941007082
Introducing Boardwalk Arcade! Your favorite arcade games, from the summer boardwalk to the after-school mall video arcade, are coming Soon as fully functional miniature versions. They fit in the palm of your hand! Each game features electronic game play on high resolution, High Definition LCD screens. Included are digital score screens, game sounds, multi-level play, and more! Best of all, no quarters required! Boardwalk Arcade Whac-A-Mole is based on the classic arcade game, four hilarious moles randomly pop up – and you need to what ‘em with a mallet for points. You better act fast! It takes skill and speed to successfully knock all the moles back into their holes with a direct hit on the head with the mallet, racking up points, before time runs out. The faster you hit, the higher the final score will be! This timeless arcade game comes in a classic arcade-style case measuring 1.75 (L) x 2 (W) x 3.75 (H) of an inch, with original, full-color artwork. Features fully electronic game play, full color high resolution, High Definition LCD screen, on-screen scoring, and authentic sounds effects. Use the d-pad and what button to control the mallet.