Takara Tomy ZOIDS Wild ZW27 Raptoria Motorized Model Kit

$ 16.95
SKU: 4904810596875
Make! Start moving! Evolution release! (Evo Blast!) Real moving kit. Uses a parts pack method that does not require nippers and a color instruction manual! Assembling starts immediately after opening the box! When the assembly is completed and the switch is turned on, it starts to move realistically! Further change in form, evolution release! (Evo Blast!) Advance with a small Zoids spring of the Velociraptor species. A variant of Raptor. When the mainspring is wound, it starts moving forward while swinging its tail from side to side. Evolution release (Evo Blast) is done manually, and when you pull out the dosclaw on your back, your mouth opens wide. At that time, also turn the slash claw forward. In that state, shake your body back and forth and move forward so as to hit the enemy.