Takara Tomy ZOIDS Wild ZW47 Burning Liger CDW Impact Gatli Motorized Model Kit

$ 34.95
SKU: 4904810153979
Product Description ■ An all-in-one set product of Burning Liger and CDW Impact Gatling that allows you to immediately modify the movement of Zoids and play. When the CDW Impact Gatling is attached to the Burning Liger, the Gatling automatically rotates in synchronization with the movement and performs a shooting action. 【Product Details】 set content Burning Liger: Z-MANUAL, Burning Liger: S Pack, Burning Liger: Excavation Pack A, Burning Liger: Excavation Pack B, Burning Liger: Excavation Pack C, CDW Impact Gatling: Remodeling Manual x 2, CDW Impact Gatling: S Pack, CDW Impact Gatling: A Pack