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Teeny Mates - NHL Series 3 - HOCKEY PACKS (12 Pack Lot)


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The moment NHL Hockey fans have been waiting for!! New, released October 2016, NHL TeenyMates Series 3 have arrived!! Each TeenyMates 4-piece set blind pack comes with 2 random NHL Figures, a collector's check list and 2 random double-sided puzzle pieces. The item for sale is group of 12 individual blind packs. Collect all 30 NHL Teams plus 5 rare figures: Glow-in-the-Dark Series 3 Figure (odds 1 in 32 packs), Atlanta Flames Vintage Hockey Figure (odds 1 in 56 packs), Camouflage Figure (odds 1 in 128 packs), California Golden Seals Vintage Hockey Figure (odds 1 in 256 packs), and Metallic Gold Series 3 Hockey Figure (odds 1 in 512 packs) - all odds are approximate. Collect all 35 double-sided puzzle pieces to build a puzzle featuring a hockey rink playset on one side and a collector mini-poster on the other!
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