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The Walking Dead: All Out War - Miles Behind Us Expansion

The Walking Dead: All Out War - Miles Behind Us Expansion

Mantic Games

Miles Behind Us is a narrative expansion to The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniatures Game, containing a series of scenarios to recreate the Atlanta group's fortunes after meeting the Greene family, from encountering Tyreese, to discovering the farm under dramatic circumstances, to the shock of opening the barn doors! The set also includes new characters, equipment, supplies, events and scenery to expand your regular games. It also contains brand new rules for linking multiple games as a campaign, allowing your characters to take injuries, earn experience, and find new equipment! It also contains a printed play-mat with a detailed prison interior, introducing rules for fighting indoors, and finding hidden Lurkers! This expansion contains 6 unique, collectible miniatures allowing you to add Dexter, Andrew, Axel and Thomas to your games, along with a walker and an armored walker to bulk out your herd. This set contains: --Plastic Dexter, Andrew, Thomas, and Axel Miniatures --2 Plastic Walker Miniatures --Dexter; Andrew; Thomas; Axel; Carlos, Hardened Veteran; and Carol, Out of Control Character Cards --Armored Walker Reference Card --12 Equipment Cards --6 Supply Cards --Card Counters, templates and Scenery --Prison Paper Mat/Wave 3 Checklist --Safety Behind Bars Expansion Rulebook --Mantic Points
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