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Third Die: Logo Series - Leaf Green & Tan Dice Bag

Third Die: Logo Series - Leaf Green & Tan Dice Bag

Third Die

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This wonderful handcrafted series of super cool and useful dice bags are created by gamers FOR gamers so that we can store the stuff that lets us shoot, slash, stab, cast, dodge, decide and gamble our way to fame glory or death! Bring your unique, beautiful Third Die dice bag to your weekly campaign and plunk it on the table, your foes will know exactly how pro you are. Scour down those tunnels fighting off wererats in D&D or Pathfinder, compute jumps across the galaxy in Star Wars, board the frigate you just caught on the winds in 7th Sea or vaporize a mob of zombies in AFMBE. Do it in pure style, be the envy of the table and grab this limited dice bag while they’re still available. You’ll thank yourself every time you game. Then grab another as a gift for your favorite role playing buddy they’ll thank you every time they game as well.
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