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Transformers Generations Combiner Wars Deluxe Class Protectobot Groove


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The Transformers battle doesn't get any bigger than this. Transformers Generations Combiner Wars figures combine to form giant super robots. Build the most powerful Combiner robots from Transformers lore, including characters like Superion and Menasor, or come up with a different combination. This Deluxe Class Protectobot Groove figure can become part of a G1-inspired Defensor Combiner build. Collect all 5 Protectobot figures (each sold separately) to create the G1 Protectobots team and build a Defensor figure in the G1 configuration. Protectobot Groove is a freedom fighter who would sacrifice his own spark if it would bring peace. He combines with his fellow Protectobots to form Defensor. Protectobot Hot Spot forms the torso, Protectobot Blades and Protectobot First Aid form the arms, and Protectobot Streetwise and Protectobot Groove form the legs. Collect all 5 Protectobot figures to complete a giant G1-inspired Defensor Combiner robot. (Figures are each sold separately.) This Deluxe Class Protectobot Groove figure changes from robot to motorcycle and back in 10 steps. It comes with a blaster accessory and a collectible character card featuring art from the Transformers Legends mobile game. Transformers and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro.
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