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Warhammer 40k Kill Team: Toofrippa's Krew - Orks Kill Team

Games Workshop

The belligerent aliens known as Orks infest the entire galaxy, rampaging across the stars in their ragtag armadas in search of a good fight. Hulking, single-minded and incredibly hard to kill, they make for a formidable foe - those who mark them as simple savages are quick to discover the magnitude of their error. This box contains an 8-page booklet, 13 tactics cards, 1 exclusive Orks tactic card, 2 mission cards, 1 Orks Kill Team tokens set, 5 Flash Gitz datacards, 5 Ork Flash Gitz, and a Sector Sanctoris terrain set. Models supplied unpainted. Paints, tools and accessories sold separately. Kit delivered unpainted and requires assembly
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