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Wild Animal-opoly Board Game - Galactic Toys & Collectibles

Wild Animal-opoly Board Game

Late for the Sky

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One of the myriad "Opoly" games (some of which are either homages to or direct rip-offs of the classic Parker Brothers real estate trading game), Wild Animalopoly arrives with a couple of educational twists in its tail. It plays like the 1935 archetype, but with a decidedly pro-animal spin. Deeds to properties become caretaker certificates for animals (Boardwalk and Park Place are replaced by Elephant and Rhinoceros, for example); rents become meal fees; and houses and hotels are elements and habitats. Even Go To Jail is retooled as Hide From Predators. And, in a nod to the way most people play Monopoly, Wild Animalopoly's version of Free Parking (here called Watering Hole) allows for collection of extra dough when players land on it. (In Monopoly there's actually a rule that forbids this, though most players make the bank pony up half a grand anyway.) The object of both games is the same--highest cash value wins--but this wedding of Okapi to Oriental Avenue, Community Chest to Chameleon makes for domestic, and domesticated, fun. --Tony Mason See all Product Description
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