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TOMYTEC Little Armory LAL05 Nipako P285 1/12 Scale Model Kit

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This fun item from Little Armory is a limited-production, one-time model! The P285, the favorite gun of the image character Survival Nipako, the mascot of a maintenance tool set for airsoft guns, now gets a 1/12-scale Little Armory release! It's based on the P-90TR, with a bipod made to resemble Nipako's twin tails; the sight has been redesigned to look like her bunny-ears hair ribbon, too! It's also molded in white and painted partly in blue to echo Nipako's typical outfit. The logo marks are tampo printed, and the bipod is available in both open and closed versions; the bipod and suppressor parts are removable. Don't miss out -- order this limited-release item today!