Pre-Order Policy

By placing a pre-order with Galactic Toys, you will have first priority from our shipment. Barring any manufacturing mishaps/shortages/acts of god, you are essentially guaranteed the item you pre-ordered. Your pre-order will be shipped as soon as we receive stock.

Below is some useful information about our pre-order policy:

- All pre-orders will be charged immediately at the time of purchase - not shipment - and locks you in giving you top priority over everyone else
- If you order multiple items that are both instock and pre-order, they will not ship unless everything is in stock
- All release dates are estimates from the supplier / manufacturer
- A pre-order can be canceled for a 20% cancellation fee. Your refund will be subtracted this cancellation fee.
- Pre-orders are shipped as soon as we get them as it is imported for our customers to get the latest toys and collectibles as soon as possible.

Note: By placing a pre-order with Galactic Toys, you are agreeing to all of the above terms and conditions stated in the above policies.