Bandai Hobby Gundam Build Divers 005 Ogre GN-X HG 1/144 Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Bandai Hobby Gundam Awakening of the Trailblezer Harute HG 1/144 Model Kit | Galactic Toys & Collectibles
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Bandai Hobby Build Fighters Amazing Strike Freedom HGBF HG 1/144 Model Kit

$ 24.95
Type: Gundam HG
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The new mobile suit piloted by Tatsuya Yuuki, who appears in the official side story "Gundam Build Fighters Amazing Ready", has now launched in the HGBF line-up! The highly popular MS Strike Freedom Gundam has been customized in a manner unique to the HGBF series. The Vrabe DRAGOON has been recreated and features a movable mount part, enabling users to mimic its firing position. The DRAGOON pods can also be attached and detached and even mounted to the Rifle! Set includes rifle x1. Runner x12. Sticker x2. Instruction manual x1.