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USAopoly Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Chess Set


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It's a battle for Hyrule! Link and Ganondorf are riding and colliding once again! This Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Chess Set features prominent hero and villain characters from Ocarina of Time and pits them against each other in a battle of cunning, wits, and age old good vs. evil! Features include: 32 highly detailed, custom sculpted vinyl movers with metallic finish; Premium styled window packaging with magnetic front closure; Custom, Visually striking game board with Hyrule Crest and UV finish. 12 Golden Hero Pieces: Link (King); Zelda (Queen); Impa (Bishops); Epona (Knights); Darunia (Rooks); Navi (Pawns). 12 Verdigrised Silver Villain Pieces: Ganondorf (King); Twinrova (Queen); Iron Knuckle (Bishops); Phantom (Knights); Armos (Rooks); Deku Scrub (Pawns). 11 x 17 x 3.5 inches. Weight: 4 pounds. Ages: 7+. 2 players. Grumble, grumble.
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