ArttyStation OPERA-03 Nipper Tweezer and Modeling Equipment Holder Module

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Type: ArttyStation
Tools for model crafting such as types of glues, brush cleaning thinner container, super glue, Q-tips/toothpick container, large thinner jar and etc. are stored in one place for convenient organization. Not to mention the benefit of preventing spills and accidents since these items are fixed in place. Tweezers and nippers are the most often used tools in model crafting. ArttyStation is able to hold these mandatory tools in a simplified setting, and provides easy access Nipper and Tweezers. Made of high-density MDF, more durable than general MDF. All MDF material being used for Arttystation is coated on both sides with clear, or white for convenient cleaning on general stains with water or special cleaners for the stain. But due to characteristics of the material, it may deform if it is exposed to humidity for extended time or high moisture, so please, keep in mind when cleaning. Assembly required. Recommended to use Loctite 401 Super Glue or Gorilla Wood Glue for assembly.