ArttyStation OPERA-09 Manual Stand Module

$ 9.95
Type: ArttyStation
Pla-model/Model Crafting cannot be completed without an instruction. Generally, intructions are set on the ground or a book stand is being used to hold it up, but it takes up too much space. ArttyStation is equipped with an instruction stand to set instruction conveniently. The stand can be adjusted to set its angle for a comfortable view. Made of high-density MDF, more durable than general MDF. All MDF material being used for Arttystation is coated on both sides with clear, or white for convenient cleaning on general stains with water or special cleaners for the stain. But due to characteristics of the material, it may deform if it is exposed to humidity for extended time or high moisture, so please, keep in mind when cleaning. Assembly required. Recommended to use Loctite 401 Super Glue or Gorilla Wood Glue for assembly.