Bandai Gundam Seed Buster Gundam GAT-X103 Dearka Elthman 1/100 Scale Model Kit

$ 45.95
Type: Gundam NG
SKU: 4543112179869
Bandai Gundam Seed Buster No.03 Gundam GAT-X103 Dearka Elthman NG 1/100 Scale Model Kit. This is a kit of the walking arsenal Buster Gundam of Gundam Seed, complete with powerful impulse rifle, gun launcher, and shoulder missile pods! This snap-assembly kit has plenty of polycaps for great posability, and is molded in color, with foil stickers for some of the details. Comes with an unpainted 1/20-scale figure of pilot Dearka Elthman, too. Assembly Required.